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    With high and muddy water, my uncle still talked me into taking him and his son fishing. We got to the lake around 8:00 Saturday evening, and some fishermen from Blythewood were nice enough to give us a few crappie for bait. I already had some bream, and we caught a few shad.

    We fished til 3:00 am, with three fish total. Two about a pound each, and my cousin's personal best, a 27 lb blue. Beats his old six pound record!

    I left the camera at the house, and a 13 year old can get mighty upset if you start talking about releasing his biggest fish with out anything to show for it. Sorry, guys. Killed and grilled.

    By no means a good night fishing, but you'll never convince that 13 year old - it's the best fishing trip he's ever been on. Here's a photo of my uncle, Zack - the 13 year old, and me with that night's catch.

    You should've heard him talking about the fish stew that they were gonna make. And heard him making lists of all of the relatives and friends that he was gonna have to give some of his fish stew. Tickled me. Even though my name wasn't on the list....?

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    Great fish and thanks for the report.

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    Thats what its all about. I am sure the stew was good.