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    Put in at Blue's at about 6am this morning. Due to very low water, it took me over an hour to navigate down to my "honey hole" starting spot. Found fish, dropped in and promptly caught a 10# blue. After that I started working my way back up river. Continued to find fish on the sonar, but couldn't beg, steal, or borrow another bite. Fished until about noon and drug up and came home. You folks be extra careful out there on the BIG Pee Dee while it is so low. You can really tear up some equipment if you fail to navigate correctly. That being said, now is a great time to hang out at the river to learn where all the rock bars, sand bars, and channels are. I pulled out a HEAP of limb lines. Several had railroad spikes for weights. Found several of my rigs I had broken off when the water was higher and those Gamakatsu hooks looked as good as new!
    Bill in SC

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    Thanks for the report.

    I'm getting pretty worried about this drought. We haven't had a good winter flood in a couple of years. It's only June and many of our rivers are just about dry. The Edisto is down to a trickle!

    Without a good "back door" hurricane (one of those that comes up through the gulf before turning our way) to dump a bunch of rain, we could run dry by this fall.

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    Thanks for the report.
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    thanks for the report bill! i am thinking about going this weekend!