Another skipjack thread.

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    Hello... Sorry to bother you all with another skippy thread. Hope you'll bare with me for moment. But I've only been skipjack fishing once. I went down to the Uncle Sci Fi reunion at Kentucky Dam in January to catch some skipjack. (not to mention the awesome BS and meeting of the good BOC brotherens) :big_smile:
    Well, the skippies weren't biting to well at Kentucky Dam. So a bunch of us made the trip over to Cumberland City's steam plant, in Tennessee. We tore them up there. We caught at least one nice skipjack with every cast for the most part.
    Anyways, my skipjack supply is running low. I'd like to make a trip down South to catch some more bait. Not to mention, I'm sure my kids and wife would have a blast catching them. And I would benefit from it by stocking my freezer with bait again!!! AND, it would be a nice getaway for us all.
    Are the skipjack running good at Kentucky Dam? If not, do you have any suggestions on where to go?