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    yet one more hero that the mainstream media didn't tell us about.

    The Orange County Register

    CAMP PENDLETON - He was shot seven times. Then 40 pieces of super-heated shrapnel melted into his flesh.

    And at three different moments, in nanoseconds laced with adrenaline, confusion, sweat and blood, Marine Corps 1st Sgt. Bradley Kasal took account of his life.

    Then he decided it would be OK if he died.

    His decision earned him the Navy Cross on Monday.

    In November 2004, while serving with Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, Kasal rushed into a house in Fallujah where Marines were trapped in a small room. They were pinned down by Iraqi insurgents firing into the house from a higher and superior position.

    The first time, after being shot and crawling to safety, Kasal went back out into the line of fire to rescue an injured Marine.

    "I knew I was gonna get shot (again)," he said.

    Now, after having suffered seven gunshots, Kasal decided to again put his life at risk.

    He would use all of the available field dressings to help stop the bleeding of a gunshot wound suffered by a fellow Marine. He decided not to use any of the dressings for himself and instead "bleed out." It just made sense that one of them should survive.

    Finally, the insurgent, knowing the injured Marines had no way out, lobbed a grenade into the room. Kasal saw the grenade, and using his own body as a shield, leapt onto his fellow Marine as the grenade exploded.

    "I thought the chances of surviving were zero," he said.

    But survive he did, his right leg and buttock riddled with bullets and his body stung by shrapnel.

    If you live through that kind of ordeal, young Marines forever remember your name, major generals salute you in deference and little boys stand in line to meet an American hero.

    On Monday afternoon, all of that happened for Kasal during an honor-laden ceremony.

    The Navy Cross capped an emotional week. Kasal's father, Gerald, 69, died of cancer on Sunday, just a day before he was supposed to watch the ceremony via video conference from his home in Iowa.

    In the same ceremony, Kasal attained his dream as a young man, getting promoted to sergeant major and taking an oath as he re-enlisted in the Marine Corps. He even reached a milestone Saturday, when he ran a mile and a half on his once-mangled leg.

    Following the ceremony, the 39-year-old Oceanside resident spent more than an hour patiently shaking the hands of fellow Marines, active and retired, who lined up to greet him.

    "You are an inspiration to every Marine," Maj. Gen. Michael Lehnert said to Kasal. Lehnert told the audience of more than 100 that the term "hero" is thrown around loosely in popular society.

    But make no mistake he said, Kasal was the real thing.

    "Marines past, present and future owe you a debt of gratitude."

    Kasal said the most challenging aspect of the ordeal wasn't the 22 surgeries he endured or even fighting the opinions of doctors who suggested he should have his leg amputated.

    Instead Kasal said the real pain was knowing the battle would go on without him.

    "The most difficult part was being away from the Marines," he said. "My goal is to get deployable again."
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    That is a real man that should be extremely proud of himself.
    Thanks for sharing Phil.
    Too bad our media doesn't see fit to air more of this type of news.

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    John Wayne pales in comparison to young men and women like this. It is a shame and indignaty to our country, that the media did not play this story up, and make sure EVERYONE knew about it.:pudency:
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    Great post, thanks for sharing.
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    what an amazing story!
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    This man is not only a hero, but a testament to the christian world. He loved his fellow man so much that he chose to lay down his life for him. Now I just hope that the military takes care of him. I have seen the lack of care they show for their own after the cameras go away. Too many vets are left in the cold or told they are imagining things. No more agent orange or gulfware denials. Perhaps if Senators and congressmen had to serve in the armed forces to serve in office things would be different. Or if they just had to get all health care from VA's and Military hospitals.
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    Wow, helluva man!
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    God was with him.If it was one of theirs that was shot,we would hear about it.It takes more than a man to go through what he did and survive.He deserves every metal of honor he gets.God bless him.
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    Great story Phil!!!
    thanks for sharing
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    unselfish dedication.
    what a soldier the only thing i can see from them not wanting to report on men and events like this would be cause all the trivial drivle that they put
    in our papers and on our tvs pale in compairison

    this story makes you very proud to be a fellow american:smile2:

    and yes god was/is on his side
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    thats is amazing,great artical phil,and it is a shame that the media didnt reflect this mans heroic ordeal to the public,he deserves to be reconized for his dedication to his fellow marines and country,and the public deserves to know these type of stories as well as the # of us soldiers killed today,which is all i usually hear day after day.these type of stories will hear about yrs after the fact when they put out a documentury of the war.It takes one hell of a man to go threw what he went threw and then want to go back!well,you know they say cats have 9 lives,you think hes got a little cat in him.:big_smile: GOD BLESS HIM!!! AND FAMILY,AND TO YOU PHIL AND TO YOU.