Another night at Lake Lanier

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    Well last night was nothing to rite home about but I did manage 3 channels around 5 lbs each and 1 white cat around the same weight. It may sound average but these were the only bites I had in 9 hours. I did manage a few spotted bass in between catfish on a rubber worm to break up the monotiny. Funny thing happened while I was fishing a local guy who I could not understand to save my life(talked with the biggest southern drawl Ive heard yet) had offered me a few crappie he had on his stringer. On his stringer was a monster spotted bass in the 5-6lb range while he was taking the carppie off the stringer he placed the end of the stringer under his boot. Well as you probably already guessed he the stringer took off with his spot and a smaller one and he had not a second thought about takin off into the water to grab the stringer LOL When the stringer was gone he was left standing chest high in the water screaming the most non deciferable set of curse words I had ever heard(he also dropped the crappie as he charged into the water). I just slowly walked back over to my spot and never looked back. Now he was wet to his chest and he not only didnt have the crappie he also lost what was probably his biggest spotted bass ever and nothing but a fish storry to tell his friends. Poor guy. I stood there at a loss for words when I seen a grown man in his 40s punching water screaming violently into the night. I took that as my cue to get my yankee buttt as far away from him as possible without being noticed LOL
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    :lol: Now that's a classic story!:lol: Keep your Yankee butt away from them crazy southern boys!:eek:oooh: :roll_eyes: :lol: