Another large Catfish Caught on the Neuse River

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by roncat3945, Apr 19, 2006.

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    Hello everyone,
    Just wanted to share my first solo success story. I went fishing tonite and had a great nite. Several very good bites. At about 9:30 I finally hit pay dirt. That was third really good stike and this time we connected. After about fifteen minutes I landed a 58lb. flathead. It measured 49 inches long. What a fish! After weighing and a short photo session the cat was released back to fight again another nite maybe. It did take some time to get the fish revived. I am not sure why because it wasnt kept out of the water very long. I dont know if the long duration of the fight really took a big toll on the fish or not. Any suggestions on minimizing the stress on the fish would be appreciated. I really dont desire to kill a large a cat at all unless maybe it was a new record or something. I am new to the site and dont have enough post yet to allow for uploading a photo yet so you can see the fish in my avatar photo. Good night all, gotta get some sleep so I can go fishing again tomorrow night.
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    Way to go Ronnie, very nice fish!

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    Way to go Ronnie, thats an awsome fish!!!! Also, Welcome to the BOC! Keep up the good work, I'm still huntin for my 50 plus pounder ;)