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    Another hero left this world this week. No, not in Iraq or Afghanistan. Here in Missouri, in Kansas City North.

    Charles David Keen passed away Tuesday night, and I attended his funeral today. All I knew about him before I went was he was a WWII vet, and the father of a lady friend of mine. I learned today that in fact he was the father to six children, five still living. My friend and her twin sister were the youngest. They have an older sister, and two older brothers. One of the brothers is a Vietnam Vet.

    Today I learned Mr. Keen was not only a WWII vet, he was a Marine. He was on Guadalcanal, Tarawa, and Saipan. I also learned he was "decorated for valor." They didn't elaborate; I don't know what decoration(s) he may have earned. I would guess, however, that having been on those three tropical islands in less than 36 months, the odds are good a Purple Heart might be one. I got no clue from the military honors at the gravesite, either.

    Listening to the eulogy illuminated so much more again about a generation of heroes. Men who went and did what was necessary, and those that were lucky enough to return didn't talk about it a lot. They simply applied their will and determination to building America and their own families. They worked together, leading by example and demonstrating strength to conquer whatever challenges life presented. He also was an avid fisherman and a hunter. But most of all, he cherished his wife of 58 years and his family.

    Charles Keen was 86 when he passed this week. Although weakened and left in a wheelchair by a stroke 10 years ago, his sense of humor and desire to live life never left him. In the hour of his death, he still had the strength to banter with the nurses and demonstrate his sense of humor.

    I never met Charles Keen until today at his funeral. However, I learned enough about him to know I had missed an opportunity to know another great American, another "ordinary" hero.

    Please, let us never forget these "ordinary" heros, or any of the men and women who have walked in the valley of the shadow of death to protect our everyday way of life. God bless the Marines, the Army, the Navy and Air Force personnel of today, and yesterday, who serve(d) so admirably.
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    Amen brother. We owe those people more than we could dream of in 10 lifetimes. grizzly

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    I have a unique opertunity living where I do. I've lived in Bedford, Va. since 1979. A few years ago they build the National D-Day Memorial here because there were more guys from Bedford killed on D-Day, per capita, then any place in the country. (The treasurer of Bedford lost 4 of her five brothers in Normandy). I worked in The Elks National Home in Bedford where people from The Elks organization retire and have talked to several that were in the invasion who retired there. A lot of my neighbors were there. If you've watched The History Channel presentation of "Band Of Brothers", then you've seen some of the guys I'm talking about. They are the old guys that tell their stories between segments. Most of the veterans from Bedford were in EASY Company which is the company the story follows. It's been a great honor to have been able to sit down with these guys and hear their stories first hand.
    If you ever come thru this area, it will be well worth your time to stop in to see the memorial, which is a "Live Action" memorial and museum that tells their story. It's located between Roanoke and Lynchburg Virginia.
    If it wasn't for these veterans, we might be speaking German now!
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    Reps to ya for the great post Larry. In these hurried times we miss many opportunities and important events on a day to day basis that could change our outlook or bring new vision and a greater understanding for what tomorrow might have to offer. I am so thankful for the veterans, past, present and those of the future for their personal sacrifices. They Have Given Their All For Us and Our Great Nation.

    Support Our Troops,

    Larry (polecatter)

    Keep On Castin.....Cattin!
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    SafteyBass: God Bless you for that post. I don't have any idea where we would be if we did not have all our military personnel fighting for our freedom.It is very sad indeed that our Men and Women shed their blood so we can be free but that is why I call them my "Heros"------------pk powell:big_smile:

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    Thanks for sharing that Larry. That was very touching. I have a stepson that is training at Fort Benning Georgia right now. I hope and pray that he stands proud and that he returns home to us safely after each and every mission that he may have to go on!

    Our military men are all heroes, weather they have any valors or not, and wish each a safe trip back to us!! May God Bless our troops!!!!
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    Larry, That was very touching. My prayers go out to that family. My son is doing Basic training in Ft.Benning,Ga. At first I was scared to let my son leave me and go into the Army. But I learned I could not be selfish. It is his dream. So I stand beside him. And I encourage him in letters and on the phone. I leave my fears in gods hands. Support our troops and pray for thier safe return home.