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    Just got back from the gun show and there was ammo, but its double or triple what it was before b-o. No primers anywhere, a couple reloaders even made signs so folks would quit asking. Looked at a couple used keltec P11's, $325 used, I paid $250 NIB less that a year ago. We picked up a 100 rounds of 380 hydra shocks for $50, 500 pieces of once fired tumbled 9mm brass for $28, some slings and I got a magnum dual spinning target. Show was smaller than last year and I heard a couple vendors griping about the turn out.
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    <Show was smaller than last year and I heard a couple vendors griping about the turn out.>

    If prices were not so inflated, turnouts would be better. People are tired of getting their pee pees whacked everywhere they turn around. Astute people had all their guns and accesories LONG BEFORE the scramble began. :wink: My heart bleeds peanut butter for all the folks who are just now starting to gather the essentials. :roll_eyes:

    Bill in SC

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    Me thinks the shortage is nearing an end. My gun store in Richmond got a mega order the other day but are limiting the quantity of primers to 500 a person of each size so you can buy 500 Large Rifle, 500 small rifle, ect, ect. This is so all their customers can get some without some shark buying everything and starting the silly cycle all over again. Nobody is going to take your ammo. As stupid and Ahole as congress is they will never do anything to hurt their chances of reelection. Messing with the guns and ammo is a sure fire one way ticket out of Washington.