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Another great day below Bagnell, followed closely by unfortunate events.

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Well first let me say that the bite below the dam yesterday was great. We caught a bucket full of 6 inch shad from the concrete wall and anchored on the south side of the river at the 75 yard line. Fished from 9am til 4pm. Caught over 40 fish between the two of us. Mostly small to medium sized blues and channels. The big fish were 46, and 15lb blues.

Now to the crazy parts of the story, keep in mind I have a large v bottom Lowe. Somehow one of the rollers on my boat trailer came off and there was nothing but a metal plate where it attaches too. I did not notice it at the time and went about my business as usual loading the boat. I did hear some scraping when I powered it up on the trailer but didn't think too much of it. When I pulled it out of the water I noticed a ton of water coming from the front of the boat. The metal plate had ripped an 6 inch gash in the hull of my boat!

We loaded up and headed home pretty bummed out. Just as I got through Jeff City I looked down at the temp gauge on my 2002 pickup and it was rising fast. I was pulling over when it completely shut down. Opened the hood and there was antifreeze covering the whole left side of the motor. Turns out that the upper radiator hose busted and sent all my fluid into the engine compartment.

As of now the truck is fixed and the boat is prepped and ready for some welding. Just need to find the time and money to get her fixed. Moral of the story is, its not a bad idea to inspect your trailer from time to time when the boat is off of it. And what can go wrong will go wrong.

Sorry there were no pics of the fish, by the time I got home last night that was the last thing on my mind.
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Man sorry to hear of all the bad stuff happening on the same night to ya! When it rains it pours. Glad to hear ya got into some good fishin even though it doesnt help the problems that happened. Good luck on the repairs and keep the reports coming.
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