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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by onlyone, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. onlyone

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    I had a post on here a while back about buying clubs. I ended up buying a set ot Titleist. I've gotten pretty good with irons and even better with my wedges. But, I cant seem to master the driver. I always hit it low and crooked. Ive tried teeing it higher and lower but neither seems to make too big of difference. Any suggestions?:crazy:
  2. flathead willie

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    The only suggesting I could make is give it up and go fishing. I never could understand why anyone would want to waste a perfectly good day out playing pasture pool. Now throw the ball up and hit it with a bat and you got yourself a game! Any game that involves pastel britches and white shoes just don't appeal to me.

  3. ozzy

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    I agree with Willie. :big_smile: If it dont fight back, whats the purpose.
  4. wishiwasfishin

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    have a buddy hit a golf ball while you stand to the side with a shotgun and try and shoot it. not impossible i have done it once out of about a 100 tries.
    as you can see i don't play much golf but the problem i have is at the driving range. when i hit the ball it goes a long way the only problem is it don't get over a foot off the ground.:smile2:
  5. teaysvalleyguy

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    Most people set up too far away from the ball. Put the club on your belly and angle it down behind the ball. That is how far away you should be.

    You can also turn your hands in a little to help out with the slice.

    This is just what I learned from trial and error and playing the game. Good luck and hope it helps. Let me know.

  6. KingCat

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    Take a nice easy and smooth swing. Don't try to kill the ball. The hardest part of golf is believing the club CAN do most of the work.
  7. jerseycat9

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    my one question about golf is if you have the time why not go fishing? Just kidding some food for thought
  8. Arkansascatman777

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    Sounds like your trying to hit down on it like you do your irons. Try setting up closer to the ball and move the ball foward in your stance (even with your left heel if your a right handed golfer) this should help you get the ball up in the air. Also if its not already to late sale your clubs and go fishing this sport is as addicting as this site and fishing is:big_smile:
  9. Pogo

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    You say "crooked", OnlyOne, but you didn't say which type of crooked ... left or right. I'll bet, though, that it starts straight and then curves right ... a slice.

    It is sad, but true, that most Amateur Golfers have over an 18 handicap and nearly all those slice the ball off the tee. Doubly sad when the slice is one of the easiest ills to cure.

    The main reason Golfers slice is because, in addressing the ball, they reach OUT to put their right hand on the club rather than UNDER. To get the proper alignment, your shoulders need to be TILTED, not TURNED.

    "As your shoulders point, so shall ye swing" and if you turn (reach out) to put that right hand on the club, you're pointing your shoulders left of the target line ... a la ... instant slice.

    For a more complete explanation, I invite you to my web site ( and to read the article in "Golf Notes - 40 Years On The Lesson Tee". Look for the article entitled "Slice Lemons, Not Golf Balls" (there are only 21 articles ... easy to find.

    Good choice in clubs by the way.