Another Flathead at Pleasant

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    Well, we went camping at Pleasant Sunday-Tuesday and monday night my wife pulled in a 10 lb. flathead and then 10 minutes later a channel almost the same size. Biggest she has caught and she was elated. Me, I didn't catch anything the whole trip except some of the bait with my flyrod, lol. We don't have a boat, so we camped on the north side of the lake, right before you head on down to the boat ramp and restrooms, turn right and we camped in that little cove that seems to get smaller and smaller. She caught both on a live bluegill under a bobber right out in the middle there. Released the flatty and meant to keep the channel, except my son accidentally let it go the next morning while he was "examining" it, lol. He was pretty worried cause he jumped in after it and did quite a bit of splashing around before getting out and changing clothes, lol. Oh well. Great camping trip and awesome weather. Lots of wild donkeys and coyotes around our tent at night, lol.
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    congrats on the fish. for some reason there has been a lot of flathead activity at pleasant lately. i know when the water was up we spent a lot of nights fishing for them but never catching anything. the channels sure are biteing though.

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    Peoria, Arizona
    I have always had trouble fishing for Flatheads at Pleasent becouse of all the snags. There are zero to few beaches, and lots of rocks and trees under water..
    * I have definently tried a few times, but never found any productive waters..
    [B]* Great job on the recent catches..[/B]
    Take care~