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    I drove down to Ray's house Saturday morning and hooked up his boat to my Dodge Diesel loaded up the gear he was taking that didn't go in his boat and took off for the Yuma area on the Colorado River.
    After a uneventful five hour drive we were at Squaw lake campground and I busied my self setting up the tent while Ray readied the boat.
    Gary (tofish) showed up with his grandson and put his boat in the water.
    He had brought us some 'gills he'd caught on a previous trip cause he said they were slow going on the larger ones. He also wanted His grandson to help fill our bait tank. Never pass a chance to take a little one fishing.
    We got out on the water just across from our camp and started catching a few sunfish for bait then moved out into the river across from the inlet to Squaw and fished the brush line for more 'gills.
    After filling the bait tank and Old Sol dropping below the horizon we said Good evening to Gary as he headed back in and boated up the river to fish a couple of spots.
    The first spot we fished for about an hour with no one home so we moved upriver to the same spot I had caught a flat on our last trip.
    About 9pm my reel clicker started off with a short buzz, I sat up and took notice.
    After waiting about 10 minutes it started going off again in a slow run so I picked up my rod and turned off the clicker while allowing the fish to continue to run.
    Once I felt certain the fish had my bait fully in it's mouth, I closed the bail and allowed the rod to load up. Using a circle hook I didn't set the hook hard just reeled through the bite until I was fully loaded then tugged hard to make sure the hook dug in good.
    After a brief struggle I brought to the boat a Flathead about 8lbs which Ray netted with finesse.
    Unfortunately, that was the only fish for the night and we retired to our camp about midnight.
    Next morning I cooked chorizo and eggs while Ray put away his night lights and straightened up the boat. After breakfast we went out again to fish for more bait and try a few spots for some daytime cats. Not much happened but while soaking baits we also caught a few larger 'gills on nightcrawler pieces dropshotted off the side of the boat.
    After an aborted run up the river past Ferguson lake where Ray Decided to polish the bottom of his boat on a sandbar and a necessary swim to get it off, thanks to help from Ray the Squaw Lake camp host and his friends that just happened to be going to Ferguson for an afternoons fishing we headed back to camp for some BBQ-ed steak and sausage and to meet up with Gary and his grandson again.
    We set up across from Squaw where we were catching 'gills before and tried to fish for flats for a couple of hours, with no result.
    After Gary left us to go home we moved down river to a spot that looked likely and set up again.
    In that spot Ray got a good run on his 'gill but rushed the hook set and missed the fish. I never got a bite all night but Ray did pull in a couple of channels around 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 lbs. We fished until 3am and nothing else was going on so we called it a night.
    Next morning had a breakfast of eggs and sausage then broke camp loaded everything up and headed home.

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    Hi Plumbertom1, I enjoyed your report and was glad you got bit:big_smile:. I like your reports on the lower river they are neat.

    Tight Lines!