Another Dip Bait Method

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Wallbass, Aug 11, 2007.

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    Here is one way I found to fish with Dip Bait. Take a 2 1/2" Yum Crawbug tube +salt and use a weighted Tube Hook. Then I took a 10 cc Syringe and cut off the needle end so its like a piston. Then push it down into the tub of Dip bait pulling back on plunger as you go. Now you have a full syringe of bait take it a put it into the Crawl tube and squeese to fill. I rig mine whit just the Tube and drop it into a Tree Top and let it sink to the bottom and every now and then twitch the tip also a slow retreve and twitch. Down at the State Fish and wildlife lakes this works great on eating size Channels....Good Luck!
    Jeff :wink:
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    Thanks Jeff, sound like a great idea to me!

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    Yeah, that works for just about any bait...I use 3-4" tubes, myself...You can also put chicken livers in a blender with some fish oil and make a paste to shoot up in the tube....Useing fishoil to thin out dip/dough bait will work also....I just hook the tube at the back to keep from slinging the stuff out when casting....Dwight