Another Dillon Run.

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    Randy and I hit Dillon again today.What a difference two days can make.We could not fish just where we wanted due to the speed boat races this weekend.Looking up the lake from Big Run Boat ramp-where the lake turns towards the beach they have a string of no wake buoys across the lake.The race course is layed out up toward the beach but most of the race course is below where the usual buoys are located.We still drift fished and caught 21 in just under three hours.A good day for numbers but size was smaller then the bunch we caught Monday.Shad are everywhere-still a tick small but growing fast.There is a sign posted at the boat dock that the lake is closed to fishing this weekend.I don't really think anyone will get busted that fished below the temp buoys or toward the dam or up long the 146 aide.On a quick side note a buddy and I went to the Muskingum last night-set up about 8:45.At 9:05 he caught a 13-2 o a carp.That was it-not another dam run-we hung it up at 12:30.Good fishing and be safe.
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    Thanks for the post an how you all did. Wishing better luck on the big ones next time out.

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