Another day at Meldahl

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    went back up to the dam saturday afternoon skip jack biting good on the old white twirl tail grubs catching them 3 at a time bigguns good fights caught 11 of them on the top side proceeded down the bottom side when it was open 2 others were packing up they caught a few 5 pound channels they were fishing about thirty feet out i was casting chunks of skipjack out on the edge of the 1st lock wall again on floats 12 to 14 feet and 1 pole on the bottom had 1 good run on the bottom but the two floats just kept dissappearing caught 9 blues biggest 17 lbs smallest 6 lbs and 3 channels all around 5 lbs
    rainning here about two inches by noon tomorrow cant wait to see if the creeks going to back up
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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Wish I could have joined you. I was planning on going out there Sunday morning, but the wife had already made plans for us - so fishing had to wait. I hope to try it this weekend though. Do you ever catch any big blues off the wall? I have never fished off the bank from the KY side, what is the best way to get there? I would be coming from east side of cincinnati.