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    I grew up way back in the woods in Northwest LA about a rocks throw from the AR line. Needless to say, when we ate fish, it was fried with cornmeal, some kind of salty seasoning, and one or more kinds of pepper seasoning. Now, that's about the best way to eat fish I reckon IMO of course, but after I joined the service and moved around I learned that some folks cook fish different. Imagine that! I'll tell ya... some of them were pretty bad but I'm open minded and willing to try stuff. You can look at me and tell I'm willing to try all kinds of food :p Anyhow, here's my KISS method blackened catfish that I picked up somewhere along the way and manipulated it to fit what me and the kiddos like. I tried it on the girlfriend last night and she loved it. She's talking about promoting me to chief cook and bottle washer... maybe I shouldn't have tried to cook so good... hrmm

    With my big family of youngans, I've gotten to where I cook alot on an extra large griddle. Can fry all the hamburgers or eggs or bacon or whatever on it at once. So naturally I tried the blackened fish on that.

    filets (I've used channel and flathead with it)
    lemon juice
    season salt (or your choice of salt)
    cayenne pepper (or your choice of pepper)

    • Turn your griddle on as hot as it'll go (or whatever big flat hot surface you're going to cook it on).
    • If you're inside... open a window.
    • Take your filets out of cold water, shake them off good and spread them out.
    • Sprinkle your favorite salty seasoning on them lightly. (doesn't take much salt... it'll stay with them)
    • Sprinkle them with cayenne pepper. (For me and the boys, I do both sides with cayenne, for the girlfriend, one side, for my wee-est ones, black pepper)
    • Work with your seasoning to get the flavor you like. The above is what I've developed for us over time.
    • Melt a couple of sticks of butter in the microwave in a bowl. Add as much lemon juice as there is butter to the butter and stir it up. Keep it melted and warm.
    • Ok, fish seasoned, butter/lemon juice melted, griddle piping hot.
    • Take a filet, dip it once in the butter mixture so it gets all over the filet and lay it on the griddle. Repeat till the griddle is spitting and sputtering and giving off a wonderful aroma (if you're using the cayenne pepper, make sure that window is open or you might cough some.)
    • Cook them a bit till you can see about halfway up the side of the filet getting done and flip them over gently.
    • Cook the other side until it's "blackened" or almost so.
    • Pick them up. The flathead I cooked up last night was very tender and flaky... careful picking them up or the cook will have lots of samples to munch on ;)
    As far as serving it, we've eaten it just like it is with nothing else or sometimes we'll cook up some pilaf rice a ronie and lay the fish over that. Has a real good taste when you take a bite of the fish and rice together.

    Hope yall enjoy. Change the seasoning up to something you think you'll like. I think the next time, I'm going to add a little liquid hickory smoke to the butter mixture and a little less salty seasoning to the fish and see how that comes out.
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    Sounds like a great recipe, thanks for sharing

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    Sounds like it might be worth a try. I've never been a fan of blackened fish. I tried some of Paul Prudhomme's blackened redfish back in the late 80s and didn't care for it at all. I was really disappointed that such a famous chef would serve such a (to me) crappy dish at a restaurant show. Of course, most folks didn't agree with me.
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    that sounds great! I was looking for a different spin on catfish, I will definaely be trying this one out.
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    That does sound good. Thanks.
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    Cooked some more tonight and changed it just a bit. Less seasoning on the girls' and a dash of liquid smoke in the liquid mix. Used wild and long grain rice instead of pilaf. I think next time I will fire up my gas griddle outside. I just don't think the 400 degrees on the electric one is hot enough. Here are some pics of tonight if yall are interested:

    Some of the flathead laid out ready to be seasoned:

    Same fish lightly seasoned with season salt:

    Same fish cooking after dipping in the lemon juice, butter, and liquid smoke (just a tad):

    Same fish done:

    Another batch with cayenne sprinkled and lightly rubbed for me and the boys:

    I forgot to take a pic of the plate until I'd eaten my green beans and half my fish and rice hehe:

    Delicious :)[​IMG]
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    Looked it over some more and I definitely need to call it sauteed in butter and lemon fish instead of blackened :) But it's still good. Been cooking my thin boneless pork chops the same way. All the kids like it... whew. Now can't wait to fire up the gas griddle and really blacken some. :)
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    I can smell that from here........mmmmmmmm