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    Hey guys, I've never used circle hooks before and you say the fish hook their selfs. Ok, what if am using a live 6 inch bluegill or just say a big piece of bait. Do you set the bait clicker so the fish can run to get the bait in their mouth and then turn the bait clicker off and let them pull the line tight so they hook their self or am I totally wrong? I think with a small piece of bait, you wouldn't set the bait clicker and when they hit the bait and pulled on it they would hook their selfs. Thanks for the help, Neal
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    The bottom line with circles is not to set the hook like you would with a J hook and just to let the rod and line load up.
    You can let them run on the clicker or you can leave the reel in gear and use a sturdy rod holder but if you use the clicker and let them run and they are peeling off line at 100mph engaging the reel often has the same effect as a conventional hook set in that the sudden jerk on the line pulls the hook out of their mouths.
    If they are running away like a rocket I find it is better to thumb the spool to put a little tension in the line before engaging the reel.
    Hope that helps...W

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    I love circles for cutbait, but I almost never use them for live baits. I used to, but every bullhead I cast out would come back with the hook point buried in its side. So it's big ol' J-hooks for that application.

    It might be different using 'gills, but since we can't do that in MN, I wouldn't know. I suppose it all depends on the size of the bait in relation to the size of the hook.
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    i just set the pole in the holder let them load it up. when i do pick it up DONT JERK IT JUST REEL if set your drag so the fish can load pole but still able to take out line on a hard strike you will do fine.
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    if im gonna use a live bait like that with a circle i hook them in the head so there is plenty of hook exposed, either in the mouth and out the nose or in one eye and out the other. alot of folks will leave the reel enguaged and loosen the drag rather than just using the clicker. usually ill give the rod a slow hard pull after the rods down and i think hes hooked to make sure the hooks seated past the barb.
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    Welcome to the BOC. I don't ever use my bait clicker with circles. The hooks require the rod tension to set themselves. Just be patient and let the fish do the work. Good luck
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    I wouldnt use the bait clicker,i just let the fish load the rod and i just pick it up and start reeling it in,