Anise Oil Review.

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    Here's to everyone that took an interest in the experiment I was going to try with anise oil.
    I apologize for the delay but, if you recall I had a broken wrist and a few other things occurred that delayed the test. As I was preparing for this my Grandmother took sick with several strokes and other hospitalizations and she finally past at the age of 93. A good long life for her and she'll be missed but she's with the one that loves us all.
    I tried the Anise Oil on 2 different occasions and in 2 different locations. Most recently this past weekend. I went to Lake Gaston and the weekend before that on the James River near Arcadia.
    I'm sorry to say I didn't catch a single fish much less a cat on the anise oil in either location. I used 6 poles, 3 with and 3 without. I used 3 different baits, worms, chicken livers and my own homemade bait. I caught catfish on the baits without the oil. It makes me wonder if it didn't drive them off.
    Thanks to everyone that showed interest and posted replies earlier this Spring.
    I will continue to do experiments with new baits I find here on the website and I'll inform everyone when I'm going to try those and then report my results. As all members I'm looking for the Holy Grail of baits so, I might get one like that guy that got the new record.
    Thanks again and again, soory for the delay.
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    I lost my last Grandparent 9 years ago. Granny was 94. She and Grandad raised me from a boy. I will miss her forever. I know you will also. I am sorry for your loss.