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  1. mwrmar4

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    Is anise extract and anise oil the same thing? Found the extract in a local grocery store. thanks.
  2. wpsatisfide

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    anise extract is the flavoring taken from anise oil, its much much less potent but id imagine its still ok to use. Dunno as ive never used it only seen both.

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    Well, I've Seen Both Of Them & Yes The Oil Is More Potent. Alot Of Bait Manufactures Claim That Catfish Love Anise,Of Course They Would,It's In Their Bait :embarassed: . But Everything I've used With It has NOT produced A thing For Me:sad2:

    Good Luck, Elliot
  4. winston61

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    I have heard of some using anise scented soap for bait. I have not.
  5. jtrew

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    In curing chicken livers, I have tried using anise instead of garlic. Fishing both side by side, I couldn't tell that one did any better than the other. We caught fish on both.
  6. lord_zainan

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    I couldn't find any extract or oil, but I did find anise seeds. I emptied the entire container into a small sauce pan, filled the container up with water five times and simmered it until a little over half of the water had evaporated. Took the now concentrated water and mixed it in with a tub of chicken liver and used that. (If you make it this way, you do not want the water to boil. That will cause the oils to evaporate also.)
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    Anise Oil is expensive you can get it from the drug store but last I bought I think was $18 an ounce.
    I added a couple of drops to a container with shrimp and left it sealed for a couple of days and when I opened it the anise smell was overpowering. Pure oil is highly concentrated! I caught fish but wouldn't go to the expense of buying anymore...
  8. mandingo

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    if anyone plans to put anise extract on a bait that they intend to freeze,it will not freeze due to the alcohol in the must get pure anise from a pharmacy and yes it is a lil pricey but it goes a long in KS,its about $12 an ounce.luckily i found this info out before the first time i froze beef blood.:0a26:
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    Anise oil; extract or concentrate are basically the same. Extract is made with grain alcohol, concentrate is made by heating anise seeds and husks in water, mineral oil, the dreaded "cod liver oil," "castor oil," or olive oil. I make mine the same as I do vanilla extract. Any culinary store that sells (unprocessed) whole seasoning will have the anise (star anise with husk) is the strongest.

    Some experimentation might be in order for everyone to get the "grade" of extract they want. I use small empty horseradish jars filled about 3/4 full of the anise seeds and husks then cover with any 180 proof grain alcohol, some use Ever Clear. Cap it, (Ever Clear WILL melt some plastic lids), set in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks or longer. Check it on occassion, some times the oils will lift in a week sometimes it will take a month. When you take the lid off and the house fills with the aroma of liquorice you got the right ferment. Pour the liquid into what ever container you want as long as it will seal and mix with one of the above mentioned oil to a consistancy that is suitable to your needs. Time consuming, but realitively cheap considering what 1 oz. costs. Remember you always have that bottle of 180 proof you probably don't have anything to do with.:big_smile: :lol: I buy it by the half pint and give what's left to a neighbor I really don't like, but he doesn't know it.

    A word of WARNING if you choose to use the heating method with "cod liver oil" or "Castor oil." You and everyone in the house WILL pay a price if you let this concotion steam. You get the same results as if you took it internally.
  10. toddrod

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    I get pure Anise Oil from my local pharmacy for $4.80/fl oz. I have some hotdogs soaking in some with garlic and strawberry jello right now
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    I find mine at the pharmacy, try there if your looking for it
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    my grocery store carries it