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    Yesterday, real early before the BOC crash, Mr. John and myself had a converstation going on about my pug (Maggie) having gas. Ofcourse, Mr. John said I most likely was giving her too much beer. Well, sir, she does not drink beer and thus, you need to rethink you Dx of her problem.

    As usual, when Mr. John mentions something, it alway leads me to something that happen in my past.

    Sometime in the mid 70's a buddy gave me a goat (a whether, if you'll know what I mean), tan to gold in color. It was about three months old at the time. Well, I lived in a development and one of the restrictions of the development was that you could not have any hogs, chickens, goats, etc. Since I owned both adjacent lots, which were wooded and full of honeyscukle vines, I figure no one would see him and everything would be okay. Forgot to mention that I named the goat Billy, orginal isn't it?

    Some how or another a neighbor that lived about one mile away heard about the goat being on my property and called the law on me. The fine deputy sheriff came out with his proper papers and informed me that a complaint had been filed and that I had 24 or 48 hours to removed the goat from my property. Before he left, he ask to see Billy and I escourted him into the woods and introduce him to Billy. He was real impressed with Billy and wanted to know where I got him and from whom. He then ask for the papers back that he had given me and told me to do a better job of hiding Billy or the next time he would have to enforce the law.

    Billy never liked to drink water, like somebody else we know, and I started to give him a sip or two of beer everyday and then a small can in his water bowl everyday and at the end a big tall one. Prior to getting Billy, I had acquired an old GMC truck, the one with the big steering wheel and Billy loved to ride to different places with me in my old farm truck. I would take him around to nurseries and pre-school places and let the kids pet him. It got so popular that one public school invited me to bring Billy for the kids to see and pet.

    The next year I decided to run for County Commissioner and when the community had an outdoor event, here would come Mac and Billy in the old GMC truck. Once I open the door and let Billy out, the crowd would gather around us and we would have a good time. But, all of this back fired on me. One of the local papers was of the opinion that Billy was a better candidate than I. That ended my political career, then and thar.

    At the end of that year, I came home one day from work, got Billy's tall one out of the frig. and walked over to my adjacent lot and lo and behold no Billy. I looked around a bit and there were the remains of Billy. I had Billy on a chain and a pack of dogs came through and did a number on him. I felt bad, real bad for a time, but I probably gave Billy a better life than he would of had with a bunch of other goats and I know he made a difference in my life and a lot of kids and others.

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    Had a buddy that kept a couple for eating down his hillside. His kids spoiled them and it never happened. LOL!

    Friendly critters, but if you did not pay attention to them they would "goose" ya with a horn and if ya left the door open, they would climb in your vehicle and not wish to get out.

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    My grandmother had a goat when I was a kid.

    You NEVER turned your back on that goat! He'd "goose" you all the tune of planting your face in the dirt.

    It planted her one too many times when she had her back to it when hanging clothes out on the line to dry. That goat was never seen again.

    Lots of mean animals on that farm.

    A bull that guarded his 20 acres of pasture like it was the holy land....the one with the primo bass pond in it.

    I had a shetland pony that would bite you on the back of the neck if it ever got the opportunity. And it was always watching and waiting too.

    Also had a welsh pony that liked to get going at a full trot down an embankment...and then slam on the brakes right in front of the pond or the creek...or run underneath a hedge tree.

    Bucked me off one time when it stepped on a bumblebee nest...and left me to deal with the aftermath. Which incidentally resulted in my head being swelled up like a basketball. :angry:

    I had a rat terrier that was so jealous of other dogs that it would take my bird dog pups down to the county road in front of the house when nobody was home to stop her...sit in the middle of the road with the pup...and then dart into the ditch at the last second when a car would drive by. She never went to the road like that unless she took a pup with her...don't know how many attempts she made...but 3 times she came back to the barn alone. :angry:

    And people wonder why I'm like I am after growing up on a farm like that. :roll_eyes:
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    Thats one of the things I like about both of my rat terriers they love beer:wink::smile2:.
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    catcaller, after having animals like that on the farm u better keep an eye on that bird, ur wife might be teaching him some things when ur out fishing!!!!
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    when i first saw the title of this post i thought it was about me and some of my buddies in my younger days. now we were some animals who liked beer, let me tell you.
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    My Dad liked a couple martini's after work. I had a Pointer puppy at the time. Dad was sitting in his chair by the fireplace reading the paper and his trusty Martini was on the floor next to him. When he went for a sip, the glass was empty so he poured another. After another sip the glass was empty again. After the setting down the third glass, a little brown face popped out from under the chair and started slurping up the drink. The six month old puppy was drunk as a skunk! He couldn't even stand up on the hardwood floor.
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    Mac, now that was a great story! Thanks for sharing.
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    drunk hounds woooooooooof !!! :smile2:
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    I had a pit that loved Bud Light. She would sit in front of somebody drinking and beg until they gave it to her.:smile2: She was fat and happy!

    Also had a cat that had a habbit of drinking my wine. She would stick her head in my glass every time I sat it down. Her name was changed to WINO.:wink:
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    Me and my wife went camping in the Ouachita mountains during Deer season 6 or 7 years ago. We had camp set up and about 3 oclock the next morning it was bad cold I heard something rattling some things out side the tent so I jumped out of bed only in my shorts, flashlight, and pistol. I new it was some kind of animal but didn't know what kind. So I'm looking around to see what it was. There stagering out of camp was a big coon acting strange so I shot at it thinking it may have rabies but didn't hit it because I was shaking so bad because it was cold. I shot at it 2or 3 more times missing it every shot. Finally it stagered out of sight. So I got to looking around to see what that coon had been into and found 3 beers and 3 sprits that I had loose setting under the cook table.That coon had bit a hole in them cans of beers and sprits and drank every drop. Now I'm a pretty good shot under normal conditions but remember I standing there with nothing on but my shorts in about 30 degree weather with a 2 cell flashlight and shooting at a drunk coon.
    Now if you don't think thats hard to do try it sometime.:big_smile: