Animal reactions to deer

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by wylie catter, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. wylie catter

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    South Carolina
    What are some things that get your attention in the woods and make you think the bucks about to step out? For instance I've heard squirrels start raising cain when a deer is real close.But not always. And if I see turkeys close by that seems to keep the deer calm. Yall name anything that comes to mind it might help us all. I believe the other animals tell more than we realize.
  2. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    I love to have a rabbit on a game patch. If you watch that rabbit, it will
    let you know whats going on. When he hears something he will freeze
    then stand up on his back legs and watch. You need to look in the direction
    the rabbit is looking. If he sees what is coming if its a deer or another
    rabbit he will start back feeding. Sometimes he will haul it into cover
    if he comes back its a deer or another rabbit. If he doesn't come back
    normally its an owl, fox, coyote, or bobcat. Late in the evening doves
    will go to roost before the deer start moving. Sometimes when deer start moving in thick cover you can see and here doves flush. Watch in the direction
    the doves flushed from. I think a few turkey make a deer confident but
    to many turkeys make a deer nervous, turkeys make so much racket the
    deer can't hear like they won't to. Ducks and all the cranes and egrets
    will flush when they hear something close but can't see it. If grown hogs
    are feeding and on the move sometimes you hear grunts and squeals
    a long time before they get to you. Sometimes you can figure how they
    are moving and if the wind is in your favor you can cut them off. The
    wood hen always know whats going on. If he hollers and flies away
    you can bet somethings coming or he saw you move in your stand.
    If you see deer and they keep staring into cover look in the direction
    they are looking it might be your buck. If you hear deer blowing it don't
    always mean your busted. I have seen a good buck running momma
    and the maiden does and yearling will be blowing at him.

  3. CountryHart

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    I pay attention to crows alot while both deer and turkey hunting. Also had squirrels bark in the distance help me out sometimes.
  4. Fishmaster1203

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    If you have does in sight and they act nervous and keep looking in a certain direction it's almost a sure sign a good buck is close by. I've also noticed that does don't seem to get real nervous about the smaller, younger bucks but if a big, dominate buck is close by he will definitely get their attention.
  5. WylieCat

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    Two very good observations Terry. Squirrels will definatley make some noise when a deer is close, but they will also make some noise for coyotes, fox, bobcat, and hawks.

    If you have turkeys feeding near you, especially in a food plot, then deer seem to be a little more calm since there are more eyes around looking.

    Small songbirds will become more active in briar thickets if deer are moving through them.
  6. wylie catter

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    South Carolina
    There's a lot of doves where I've been hunting. They'll be on the ground feeding and all take off in a split second.

    I think these doves are skittish of everything. I don't get excited when they take off anymore..
  7. psychomekanik

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    The squirrels bark for a little when they see movement off in the distance. then quiet as the deer comes closer. But the dead giveaway is the small birds. When a deer is coming through the brush you'll see the birds "kick up". "Cheep, cheep, cheep" you can even tell what direction the animal is traveling by the way the birds fly. they fly directly away from the deer. I hear that noise, and I stand up and get ready everytime...
  8. lance

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    At night you can tell @ my father-in laws if its deer or coyotes stirring . The dogs will bark at both but won't leave the porch if it is coyotes . Good way of knowing if I will hunt the farm he lives on or drive 12 miles to the other farm to hunt in the am .
  9. wylie catter

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    South Carolina
    The derection that the birds fly in is a good point.
  10. Whistler

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    I was hunting one afternoon in a public hunting area we used to have here. I was in a tree on the point of a knoll over looking a fairly steep valley with three smaller valleys coming together right there. I had walked in about half a mile to get to this spot. I had been there for about 25 minutes when I heard the squirrels going crazy from behind me. They started barking on my right side behind me and you could tell they were moving from right to left and getting worse as it went. Finally about 20 minutes or so after it started I caught some movement to my left rear side. In the bottom of the valley there was a really nice 8 point buck standing there. He took a detour to my butcher's place that day. Ever since then, I always pay attention to the sounds of the woods. You can tell a lot about what's happening if you do that.
  11. Kip Brandel

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    Glasgow, Kentuc
    I hunt areas where there are a lot of cattle. If you are out there and all of a sudden something gets there attention something is comming. They will tell on Rabbits, Squirrels, Deer, Turkeys and Coyotes. If they start looking just watch where they are and get ready. Momma cows are the best spotters there are, I watched one for about 20 minutes while she was watching a tree line about 75yds from her and out came 2 yotes.
  12. Jacksmooth

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    West Virginia
    Ive never really paid attention to this before but I will now! Ive always noticed the birds fly but never put 2 and 2 together. Thanks guys!
  13. One Legged Josh

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    Bluejays make the most annoying sqwack when ANYTHING is moving. They will even give you away if they see you.
    In Ohio we can bait, If you put out corn and apples you will get woodchucks. A chuck is the low man around the woods/fields and will run off whenever a deer is coming in. Dead giveaway..........olj
  14. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    This bluejay don't do that. LOL
  15. postbeetle

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    All good points and I have been there done that with most of 'em.

    I never like to see turkeys. A turkey will spot you long before a deer will and if they bust, flush or run any deer comfortable around them is immediately put on guard.

    Here squirrels in the deer timber I have rarely bark at deer. They grow up with each other. I have seen curious fawns poke at squirrels on the ground and the squirrel may get aggrivated and bark or chatter. It usually is a redtail or horned owl or late or early moving coyote or fox. We have reds, greys and blacks who are always poking at one another and I tend to discount their yap.

    Same with crows. They, if in numbers and yelling, tend to be on a horned owl and cause a commotion. My experience is that they put deer on guard.

    I always like to hunt around horses or next to a horse pasture. That horse is probably one of the best indicators of anything moving close by, esp. deer. Ear pricks, head turns or sudden head risings indicate somethin' a comin'. They will, if they don't see something, will continue to look in the direction of the object that they have heard.
  16. derbycitycatman

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    your first name
    Here's another vote for watching and listening to the birds. When those doves or other birds all kickup at once get ready.
  17. Bigbluefisherman

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    Any sort of other animal will more times than not let you know there are deer in the area. I always like most of you watch/ listen to any type of wildlife. If they are looking in a particular direction then there is probably something coming.