And Tonight's Results From Europe Are....

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    Ok all:

    Although we ALL know it's extremely commercial, I must vent my spleen at my disappoinment of tonight's winner of the European song contest. It was won by NORWAY'S entry who in my opinion was just a post-pubescent combination of "Duelling Banjo's" & HARRY POTTER.
    Fairytale - (Alexander Rybak - Norway)

    The REAL winner was ICELAND who was the runner-up, I thought this song would walk away with it.
    Is It True - (Yohanna - Iceland)

    On a more endearing note, this grandfather-grandaughter couple won the crowd over on "Britain's Got Talent"......I hope they get through :wink::wink:
    A Whole New World - (2 Grand)

    Tight Lines All :wink::wink::wink:
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    i would recommend a satellite dish you can get many channels and none will suck quite as bad as that...NFL channel is all football(american) and they also have many good Beverly hillbillies and Andy Griffith show reruns so you wont have to watch that again.