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Anchovy Dough Bait

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Original post made by Erik Prang on August 27, 2003

Here's one to try, and the smell isn't deadly
Anchovy Sauce:

Anchovy flavored Pro-Cure "bait butter" (wal-mart)
Guts of some sort (liver or even some shad, sucker, etc.)
water or blood (a thinning agent)

1. Mix as much anchovy paste (bait butter) as you would like with all liquid in the recipe
3.Blend up the guts in the blender until sauce-like, adding water or blood to thin.
4.add the gut sauce to the mix.
5.add anything else you desire
6.Add flour and knead until it is a doughy paste
7.mold onto a good sized (maybe size 4 or so) baitholder hook.
8.keep it covered so it doesnt dry out.
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