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    Just wondering what type and how heavy the anchors are you guys use. I'm new to the river thing only fished lakes before. I have 2 20lbs river anchors with 100' of rope for each. Should that do the trick for my size boat?(21' cc) Also any tips on how to anchor in the river would be great. like I said I'm a lake guy so something that might seem common knowledge to you might not be to me so any and all tips are a big help. Thanks guys :big_smile:
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    One thing that is critical for anchoring in rivers is to decrease the angle between the anchor and the boat. So you will want to go aways upriver, anchor and allow the boat to drift back to the spot. Many times I will use all 100 feet to accomplish this, depending on the current. As far as the type/weight of the anchor, I guess everyone has their own preference. My boat is aluminum so I can get away with a homemade 30# on the bow. But, there are all different types (richtor, etc.) that will also do the job. Good luck and nice boat!

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    Here is one of the 2 20# anchors I use. I also go quite a way upstream and drift into position to decrease the angle of the anchor. Most times, 1 anchor is enough for me, unless there is high water.

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    I dont know what river you are fishing but if you plan to fish the James I would double the length.Some holes are 70-90 ft deep which takes more rope to get set up over.250ft is what I have.I also use the grapnel type anchor with a plastic tie release.That way weight is kept down and usually they can be freed up when stuck.If you want to eliminate the rear anchor buy a good drift sock and deploy it out the rear.They will hold the boat quite steady in the strongest currents.:big_smile:
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    Good point. In general, you want an anchor line that is at least one-and-a-half times the deepest depth of water that you will be anchoring in.

    If you have an accurate depth reading, deploy one-and-a-half times the depth of anchor line and secure.

    You will drift downcurrent the same amount as the water depth. The anchor line will be at a 45 degree angle.

    For example, in 100' water deploy 150' of anchor line. You will drift 100' from the anchor and the anchor will bite into the bottom at a 45 degree angle.

    For you trigonometry experts, the actual length of line would be 141.4' for a 45 degree angle.
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    DanMan, I fish the James and I just posted a similar thread in the Boating section. You might want to check it out for responses there. I currently use a river anchor, but I'm just not liking it's staying power. I'm debating between one of the fluke style anchors or a richter. I have 150' of rope and haven't had to use more. There are really deep holes in the James, but most don't anchor up in them, anchor upriver in shallower water or in a flat, then drift back down over the deep hole. You'll anchor once in deep water then your arms turn to rubber pulling it back in against the current.