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Here is something I have done with my anchors. You see, what started this is what happened last year. I was alone fishing and wanted to go just upriver from this little creek, throw out the anchor and drift back to the mouth. Well, I did just that, eased past the mouth, shut off the motor, went to the front of the boat and heave, threw out the anchor. The only problem was, it had come loose from the boat. Needless to say a big splash was heard followed by some cursing as my boat headed down river. I lost that anchor, DUH!! So, I got to thinking, If the anchor rope would float, I could have found it. So what I did this year was at the end of the rope (boat end) I slid on a float, then tied my clip on it. So, now if I am anchored and get snagged, or need to chase a fish, all I have to do is unclip it from the boat, do what I gotta do, and come back and rehook. Also, if I happened to forget to hook it to the boat in the first place, I won't lose my anchor. Oh the best part was it wasn't my anchor I threw in the river. LOL!! I still owe Ponykilr an anchor!
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I know what you mean.
It was pretty windy one day and I had my front anchor out and set then went to the back and gave my back anchor a heave (brand new anchor from Wally World). Well, when I heaved it the anchor flew one way and the rope went the other. Apparently I did not ensure that the clip was on correctly and lost the anchor along with the piece of chain. Needless to say that the fishing sucked that day.
i am still waiting on my new anchor. it was my favorite. i still cry a little late at night. its just probably laying there on the bottom....wondering where i i coming back......sniff :crying:
you were the one that hooked it in the boat. I fished for it a half hour trying to find it.
Thats a good idea, hell i was out one time had been in a spot for a good hour or so and went to pull up the anchor and i guess it had came lose waent nothing there but line.I might have to rig me up something like that.Good post brother.
Good idea kittyhunter! I actually thought about that last night when I tossed my anchor in.

I use 25lb. barbell weights from Sports Authority. They are cheap in case one gets lost, and the flat nature of them seems to work well in the lakes I fish.
You have a good idea there but I would also paint the float a bright orange so it is easy to find at night.
The earlier posts got me to thinking and I hunted around to see what I had here for a float. I tore apart one of my noodle jugs (made from the swim noodles from wallyworld). I cut off about an 8" piece and put 1/2 grey electrical conduit through it. I tied a double knot about 2' from the clip (on the boat end of my anchor line) slid on noodle float snugly against knot and then tied another double knot snugly to the back end of the noodle to keep it from slipping. The reason for the 2' between clip and noodle is so it's not in the way when clipping to boat. I was worried an 8" piece of noodle wasn't long enough so I checked it in a bucket. Plenty of bouyancy for the heavy type clip I use. I hope this helps someone!
Most of us that fish in lots of current have some type of float attached to the anchor line and use quick release cleats on the boat. This serves 2 purposes, 1) it is easy to yank the line loose when you hang into a good fish and chase him, 2) if you were to get into trouble you can get loose from the anchor easily.
One thing to remember is that if you are in current it takes a much larger float than if you are in still water. I have seen 2 1/2 gallon oil jugs(what I was using at the time) just barely floating above the surface in the Mississippi when the river was up.
Be sure and allow for the current when you decide on a float size.

Guess you have figured out I have lost an anchor with a float that wasn't big enough................
I guess I had better get another boat to haul my anchor
The floats I use are shaped like a small football, about 5-6 inches long and 3-4 inches around. They look like floats used on swimming pool ropes. One is white, the other is yellow (they were free, I wasn't picky about the color). They float my anchor rope just fine even in the river under current.
you can buy floating line, never thought about it for anchors, Have used it for
trotline , memphs net and twine , has it. the other , net dealers do also.
wouldnt have to, deal with float, that way.
Is the floating line bouyant enought to float the clip on the end?
kitty i try to make you a anchor that will hold in the river soon. been kinda busy with wor. but call me and i tell you how to make if want and i feel it full of lead for you. what you need is a 2 inch piece of gal. steel or pipe about 2 to 3 foot long. in it weld 6 rebarb peices all the way down. than get an i bolt and connect 3 to 4 foot of chain. you need zip strips too. xcause wha you do is put chain in oppisite end you think you would. you put it at bottom and zip strip chain to tube. this way if you get anchor hung zip ties break and you bring anchor out backwards and is fine. never lose anchor again. kinda cool huh?
That sounds cool Joe, but I have 2 anchors in my boat that work fine. I was saying before that I used those floats so I could release it from the boat and come back to it, and in case it came loose from the boat, I wouldn't lose it. I threw one of Ponykilr's anchors in the Neuse last year because it came loose and I didn't know it when I threw it out. LOL!!!
What kind of knots are you using, I put a Polymer knot it mine and they arent going anywhere.
JAYNC said:
What kind of knots are you using, I put a Polymer knot it mine and they arent going anywhere.

:) you mean palomar?
polymer is what the rope is made of. just funnin' with ya jay :p
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