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Here is something I have done with my anchors. You see, what started this is what happened last year. I was alone fishing and wanted to go just upriver from this little creek, throw out the anchor and drift back to the mouth. Well, I did just that, eased past the mouth, shut off the motor, went to the front of the boat and heave, threw out the anchor. The only problem was, it had come loose from the boat. Needless to say a big splash was heard followed by some cursing as my boat headed down river. I lost that anchor, DUH!! So, I got to thinking, If the anchor rope would float, I could have found it. So what I did this year was at the end of the rope (boat end) I slid on a float, then tied my clip on it. So, now if I am anchored and get snagged, or need to chase a fish, all I have to do is unclip it from the boat, do what I gotta do, and come back and rehook. Also, if I happened to forget to hook it to the boat in the first place, I won't lose my anchor.
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kittyhunter that is a good way to save on anckors i do the same thing. If you do any night fishing its very helpful to take reflective tape and rapped your flot in it that way its real easy to find with any flashlight. :)
I have used this way to,chase big fish.You need to take a magic marker,and write your name,phone number,and NOT ABANDONED on your float.Also,in a large body of water,you need a large bright colored float,to be able to find it again.Some people do love to claim a "abandoned?"anchor,and I have spent hours looking for that anchor bouy.GPS can make it easy.peewee-williams
We just fish in the river, I wouldn't go far enough away from it to lose it. I have lights on the boat
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