Anchormax Capstan Winch

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    Has anyone used an Anchormax Capstan Winch before? What about any other type of electric capstan or windlass? I am not real familiar with them but have considered buying one to pull in my anchor. I recently had back surgery and thought this might be easier on the old back if they would work for this purpose. Any information about these devices would be welcomed because I certainly don't want to get something that doesn't really work for what I need it. I generally fish the Mississippi River or the TN River and anchor in some pretty swift current and relatively deep water(40+). We don't necessarily use a big heavy anchor(homemade with claws) but a lot of the time they are stuck pretty good. I typically run back up over the anchor and then take out slack as I float back and then pull it our with boat after I have excess line in the boat. I need some type device like the windlass where the end of my anchor line is not attached to the winch in case we get a large fish and need to throw a float and leave the anchor in place so the regular electric anchor retrievers won't really work. Thanks in advance.
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    Handier than pockets on a shirt. Kills two birds with one stone, buoy is already on the anchor line in case you have to go after a big one, and raises the anchor to the surface.
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    I have seen those in West marine catalogs too. I dont have one but i can see how it would help get the anchor up.
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    Best tool I have found bar none is what James posted. After years of pulling rope and hurting back and hands that thing is the snits.I know I am not gonna be without one from now on. Just gotta take care and not run over your anchor rope and wind up like Harrold Dodd did as it can be bad news.