Anchoring Problem?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by crazychuy, Aug 26, 2006.

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    Hey There Brothers,

    I've been having problems anchoring the boats that I rent from a local lake that I fish alot, except for recently. I've been invited to take out my boss and some other co-workers to fish the lake from a pontoon boat for a night session for some kitties. The problem is that the pontoon boats usually only have two decent anchors if that in the front and a couple blocks of concrete for anchors in the back. Sometimes just four blocks of concrete as anchors. There not too heavy either.

    My question is how do I anchor the pontoon boat so I don't drift?

    Because whenever I anchor the pontoon boat or regular boat, I ALWAYS seem to drift alot. Plus the anchor ropes are generally short too. Only about 25 to 30 feet. I'm thinking maybe I should definetly get longer rope due to the fact that the average fishing depth that I fish in the lake is 20-60 feet. Your advice and help is much appreciated.


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    Your rode, anchor line, should be 7 times the depth of the water. So, you need 140' to 420' of line. It is up to you to bring the extra line you will need. Unless your in a gale, 4 concrete blocks should hold a pontoon, if you anchor correctly. The Library has some good info on anchoring.

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    I will be honest, it is very difficult to anchor a pontoon so that there is not some drift and nearly impossible in the wind. Sure, you can drag along 200 feet of rope and 50 pound anchors, but how much fun is all that???

    You will have to run out a LOT of line for your main anchor to be effective in those depths. What will normally get you by on a smaller boat will NOT work with a pontoon. To effectivley anchor in 20-60 feet of water you will have to invest a lot of money in anchor ropes, not to mention some muscle in being able to winch that anhor up from 20-60 feet!

    I would suggest drifting or trolling in those depths of water. I never anchor in that deep of water and don't know of anyone that does. It is much easier more effective to drift or troll.
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    Since your fishing a lake, using drift socks, or improvised 5 gallon buckets with holes cut in the bottom wont help much.

    Removing the side skirting to not catch as much wind is not an option either.

    You could try using larger anchors, and getting longer anchor ropes.

    Maybe try drifting?