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    Is there a good rule on how much your anchor should weigh compared to your total weight of your boat?
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    First of all, Welcome to the Boc. As far as anchor weight it depends on current and what size Boat you have. You will get many answers to your questions here.

    Here is a link for the proper way to anchor your boat. hope this helps some..

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    No there is no rule. It is not the weight that holds the boat. It is all in the design of the anchor. The best anchors are always home made. All in all the store bought anchors are just good at wasting your money.
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    Isn't it simply great to live in a country where we can each have opposing views... Anchors are designed for different conditions. Fluke style anchors are for sand, mud and small gravel. The Bell type are for mud and sand. The claw type is for rocks, etc... each anchor has a different purpose. They thing that makes the anchor effective is chain fastened between the anchor and your rope. The chain hold the anchor in a position the flukes, bell or claw can fasten itself into the bottom structure. Then your rope is important. It should be of a diameter that won't cut into your hands as you pull it back into your boat. Also, you must have sufficient length of anchor line aboard. You should anchor with 7 to 10 times the water depth of line. Your in 10' of water, you should have 70 to 100' of anchor line out. 40' of water is 280 to 400 feet of line. Less line may hold, but it is not something you want to bet your life on either. Finally, you need something in your boat to store the and anchor...lots of the brothers use milk crates - it's your choice.