Anchor Rope?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by MRR, May 16, 2006.

  1. MRR

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    what Size Dia Rope Do You Think Is Best For Anchering?
  2. AwShucks

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    Some with a diameter to it, like 5/8" or 3/4" - much easier to pull. But, with my wallet, I usually use 1/4" to 3/8". It's just harder on the hands. LOL

  3. gofish

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    I use 3/8". It is plenty strong enough and not really that hard on the hands. I've tried 1/4" and found that not only is it rough on the hands, its strength leaves a little to be desired. My anchor is not all that heavy--maybe 6-8 pounds--but the current can be very strong at times. Also, my anchors are built to bend when under high stress. That way I can use the boat to pull a hung anchor free. I want the anchor to bend before the rope breaks. I've had 1/4" break a couple of times and one of my buddies has had the same problem. I'd go at least 3/8"....JMHO.
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    Tie a larger easy handling rope that is a little longer than the depth that you normally fish,to your anchor.Then splice or tie a smaller diameter rope that is strong and long enough to give you your proper scope for your needs,if the worst possible thing that you can imagine happens.The larger rope lets you pull up the heavy anchor,yet carry enough lighter line for proper scope.I carried and used a 47 pound steel weight with 600 feet of anchor line,when fishing the sounds and offshore in up to 65 feet of water.Yes I needed it to fish in the winter for Sea Bass,as it is normally rough out.I was fishing out of a 16 foot aluminum Fisher Marine bare,open utility boat,and still had the anchor drag slightly at times.I often had to tie a inner tube in my line to absorb the shock of the.waves.This was the only way that I could carry enough anchor line.I always used 12 foot of chain in deep enough water,and often tied my stern anchor on where my rope tied on to the chain.This takes up a lot of shock.It was a lot of time and trouble to anchor right,but at times,you really could catch enough fish to sink your boat,if you wished.Unless you were careful,you would sink it before you got to fish.I always went with two outboards,checked out and both ran on two different gas tanks,with 3 times the gas that I normally used.peewee-williams
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    I use 1/4 inch in the Mississippi River. I've broken my rope once or twice, and cut it once or twice. The times I broke it, it was just hung, and I was trying to get it un-hung with the outboard. Another question to ask is: What type of rope. I use braided nylon, I know a few people who use polypro... It's cheap... in more ways than one.

    If you just want to make certain you're not gonna break the rope, go with 1 inch. That way, you'll have 1 less bit of safety involved with your fishing, and who needs safety, anyway, right?

    I use small rope because I'd rather break the rope and lose an anchor than swamp my boat or lose my life.