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    i went out fishing 4-5-09 and i noticed my anchor rope which was a plastic one was fraid a lil well i was at shiloh anchored down when a barge came by .pop i was drifting again darn rope snapped.what kind and what size and length should i go for this time .and what size and kind of anchor?
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    I use 100 feet of 3/8 braided nylon. In the process of making an anchor from the library. I think winston bush AKA metalman posted. Very detailed instructions and cheap to make. PM me if ya can't find it and i'll try to find the link.

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    I believe the rule of thumb is your supposed to let out enough rope to equal 7 times the depth of the water. So to properly anchor in 30 foot of water, you would need 210 feet of line. The main thing about the line is the diameter. It is so much easier to pull on 5/8" line than it is 3/8 inch. Here is a link I found which explains it even better than me... and corrects the rope length also. LOL
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    Richard I use a 7/16 x 100ft solid braid nylon and have a 3/8 x 200ft solid braid nylon that I keep in the boat. I don't know how long they will last but they last alot longer than the old yellow rope. I have been using one for two years now and it doesn't show any signs of breaking soon. The thing I like is the fact that the solid braided ropes almost never tangle up and they are very limp. I rarely have to use the longer rope even in 60-70ft of water. The only thing I don't like about the braid is the price. I think the 7/16 was about $.48/ft at Lowes. Probably can find it cheaper somewhere else though. The 7/16 is alot easier on the hands than the 3/8 like Awshucks said. I also use homemade anchors no sense to me to put alot of money in an anchor just to loose it. I have been using the same chene type anchor that I built for the same two years and although I've bent it up pretty good a time or two I still have it and it still works. I dont have one but a couple of freinds use anchors that use cable ties to make their anchor "retreivable". That seems to work just fine. Lot's of good stuff in the library on different anchors.
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    Just as AHShucks posted, the proper scope of the rope for maximum anchoring is 7:1. Also actual anchor rope is different than "dock type" ropes of equal diameter.

    The size of the rope & the style of anchor you use depends on the size of your boat & what type of bottom you primarily fish in. HTH, Elliot