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Discussion in 'Boating' started by mhbomber, Jan 4, 2009.

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    I just bought a danforth style anchor and a was told that I would need at least 6 feet if chain before the rope starts for it to dig in to the bottom properly? Is this true?
  2. metalman

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    In a word ...Yes,
    Chain will make most anchors work better but some, such as the Danforth, really need it to work well at all. In fact a 10lb Danforth with 6 feet of 3/8 chain will work better than a 25lber with no chain.
    Go with a minimum of 5/16, and 3/8 is better still. The length of the anchor rope is also key to getting the best from the Danforth. Depending on the depth of water you fish, a 300 foot rope will not be too much...W

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    I really dislike the specifics. To say it takes six feet of chain is just an approximation. It all depends upon the type of bottom. On a clay bottom, a long, heavy chain is necessary. In rocks, you probably won't even get the anchor to hold unless you snag it up, and then you stand chances of loosing the anchor. In sand, the chain will probably come closer to being the anchor than the actual anchor itself. To truly do the job right you probably will need two or three different anchors, depending upon the bottom. Mushroom, danforth, claw, hook, cement block, each has its own use.
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    I agree with AwShucks on the fact that, basically there is no right answer here. My danforth for my 14' jon boat only has about 3 feet of lightweight chain, but then again it doesn't take much to hold my boat in one place. Yes, it probably takes me a LITTLE more rope before my anchor holds, but I dont have any problems. I would say it depends on the bottom you fish, the size of your boat, and the current. I fish all different types of bottoms and currents and have not had a problem, but i have a relatively small, lightweight boat also. My jon boat also is fairly low profile, so it doesn't catch as much wind as say, a pontoon boat, and being a flatbottom, i would imagine it doesn't have as much drag from the current as a deep vee or other boat would.