Ancestry/Family History-Anyone work on it?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Cattledogz, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Cattledogz

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    I dabble in working on my family's ancestry and was wondering if any of you work on yours.

    If there is enough response, it might be interesting to end up posting what names are being researched by whom and see if any of us just may be looking for any of the same people.

    I have found it to be very interesting and sometimes downright fascinating for myself.

    For those of you that know the area now named Floyd, VA, my father's side of the family were the first settlers there. A genealogist/historian from Floyd by the name of Marguerite Tise wrote a book about this family and I am fortunate enough to have a full copy of that book.

    Thanks to the wonderful (albeit sometimes frustrating) world of the internet, many records and much information is available that would have been nearly impossible to get before.

    If you work on your family history I would love to hear about it and some of the most interesting facts that you have uncovered.

  2. slimepig

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    Kerrville Texas
    a few years ago i was really caught up in tracing my family tree. I have my dads side back to the 1600's and moms back to 1500's. never got to ireland or scotland to trace further. I have a lil bald spot on top of my head from pullin hair out lol. It was so frustrating! especially if you are lookin for an ancestor named john johnson, lol! Its a heck of alot more than just yer moms surname or dads surname, many many more surnames come into play sooner or later. i also gave it up because of the expense. the internet sure helped in making it easier to find things, but those sites that I used several years ago arent freebies anymore. by the way barb, most of my families were from your area. several were patriots and some fought in the battle of guilford court house in North Carolina. I also found where my ggggg grandfather and his son were quakers and were thrown out of the church because of "fiddlin around and such". ahhh those Burney's lol. heres a few surnames i was workin on:
    Dads: Burney, Tatum, Johnson, Forbis, Mccain, maiben, .....
    Moms: McQuaig, McClendon, Jacobs, Bush, .....

  3. Ol Man

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    I used to dabble in it off and on. Most of my info came from relatives that had been down that road before me. I haven't done much for awhile.
    An inch of dog is better than a mile of pedigree.
  4. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Im 2nd generation American. My grandparents on my mothers side come from Norge (Norway) but my fathers side, my cousin has been able to trace back to one of the ships that came with columbus to colonize America.
  5. safetybass

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    My father was heavily into searching our roots for quite a while. Our ancestors had quite a interesting life. My father was attempting to determine if some of gentlemen in the Revolutionary War might be related. Seems they weren't the sharpest tacks in the box. A father and his two sons serve in the Continental Army, but they didn't all spell their last name the same. The father and one son spelled it Provence, and the other son spelled it Province. The biggest disappointment was the direct link to some Province's in the Carolinas. They were hung for stealing horses. I kinda lost interest after that story.
  6. laidbck111

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    We have traced ours back to Cawood, England on one side to about 1745 and the other is a lot harder it since the Indian tribes didn't keep many birth records.
  7. Dano

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    its funny how subjects are brought up some times when I'm doing just that. . Heck I'm working on stuff now about family history and will be for a long while.
    I have gotten into it past couple years. Big time in past 3 months. I traveled 1K miles, 3 libraries, 3 county court house's, lots of records and names, phone numbers, talking etc. BTW , the court house's was exciting. My body is full of metal . Had everything but a prostate exam done to enter. LOL. .
    2 map places back and forth, traced down and did some tracking way out in middle of know where to see some history for myself. Dang near needed a cell phone. LOL, Talk to all kinds of people, I was stuck, out of gas and a long way off. I got r done in nick of time. LOL. That happen 3-4 weeks ago.
    I have really came across some history. Some I needed, some I'm still searching and some learning that was fun but little help in what I'm searching for. Starts back in 1800's to date.
    My story is long and personal in what I'm searching for in my family history. It has been fun. I learned a lot of intresting things. I suggest people check out their family history.
    Be very surprised on findings. I had no ideal of some things.
  8. gadzooks

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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    I looked into it, but only could get back to my great grandfather on my mother's side, and even that was pretty skimpy, just a name. Enoch Brown, had a farm near Starr City, Arkansas, but the courthouse records burned. My parents both came from sharecropping families and they kept few records. Back then, it was rare for a birth to be recorded where they were raised.
  9. SassyManxLady

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    About 7 years ago, I lost what lil bit of a mind I had left, on genealogy.
    I have my father's Pyland line traced back to 1750's and am now working on my mother's Miller family, in Ripley County, MO.

    I've gotten so 'hooked' :embarassed: on family history, that I now have a Ripley County MO Allied Families web site. I go back to Ripley County as often as I can. I just got back from down there 2 weeks ago. I spent 2 days bow hunting, got my doe and buck and two days on the Current and Eleven Point Rivers and the rest of the time in the cemeteries, photograping tombstones :eek:oooh:

    And I am going back Tuesday night after I get off work at midnight, for the gun hunt and some more time on the Eleven Point, AND more time in the cemeteries.

    So I guess you can say, that I 'hunt' for deer, turkey and tombstones. And if there is any kind of a body of water near by, I have my pole with me too. :big_smile:

  10. greg

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    My Mom has been heavily into it since 1976 we have traced one branch of her side of the family back to the Mayflower. also some very interesting people interspersed on her side.