Ancestory Project! Genetic Genealogy!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Deltalover, May 25, 2006.

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    Any body sent there D.N.A. in to trace there roots? Being adopted at birth, I have no clue! Anyway, on a news program, I heard of this project! I am a kind of turned off at the idea of such a positive id in some database and who knows where and for what that information could be used for! Still, it seems pretty interesting! I had heard vit cost a hundred bucks. I did a search on it and found out there are different levels (scamish) of information you get per hundred dollars, i.e. maternal, paternal, both maternal and paternal and "deluxe package":roll_eyes: ! The whole package is 300+ bucks! I saw other sites that it was closer to 700+! Anyway, what you all think? Anybody done it?
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    Havent heard o it delta but sounds interesting and like you said scamish Ill look into it though

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    Phil, I saw them do something like this on the Today show. They did one that could trace ancient ancestory. It seemed very interesting, such as Ann Curry's was Asian, but they also found European traces and some other races I don't remember now. I do remember it was part of a university study and for a certain amount of time you could participate for free, I think.

    Sounds neat to me. My husband is adopted, also, and he has no idea of his heritage (we always tell him his ancestors were Vikings:tounge_out: ).
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    $700.00 for info that grandma will give for free. Makes one wonder!!
  5. Clan MacLeod of MacLeod. We have always claimed to be Norse in spite of the fact that we are one of the older scottish clans. DNA studies have shown that indeed we do share genetic markers that originate in populations in Norway. This was a no brainer to us as even our patrinymic surname MacLeod, which means son of Leoid, is of a norse origin. Mac is gaelic meaning son of, Leoid is a gaelic transliteration of the norse word Ljotr which means ugly. Yes, my name is David Son of Ugly, so I do have an excuse LOL.
    BTW the discoverer of DNA was also a MacLeod.