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    Hi all, this is my fist post here and I wasn’t sure where to put this since it doesn’t actually involve catching catfish, but just fishing for them. Anyway, I’ve just started to get into fishing again and I thought I’d tell you all about an interesting time my sister and me had at the old bridge/fishing pier today.

    Well, today my younger sister and I went out to do some fishing at the Winyah bay or Hobcaw Point fishing and observation pier (I can’t remember which one it was exactly). We left home around 1 PM and stayed to about a quarter after eight. We went to the end of the pier and set up under the patio like structure; I can remember what you call it right now. She set the radio out and changed it to her favorite station and I cut up a few ship for bait. After our lines were out I cut a piece out of some frozen shad I had bought from the Georgetown Ice and threw it out.

    My sister was using a medium action ugly stick with one of Shakespeare’s cheaper spinning reels, 15lb. test and a 20lb. fluorocarbon leader. I was using a 7ft Shakespeare striper rod fitted with an Okuma EB30 with 50lb. power pro and a 20lb. fluorocarbon leader. We were both using a number 1 J hook. My other rig was a Medium action Shakespeare Bigwater Ugly Stik paired with a Shimano 3500 baitrunner and also 50lb. power pro, but with a 44lb. Berkley Big Game Monofilament leader and 4/0 khale hook.

    All three were using a slip sinker rig. Now back to the story.
    After a few minutes of first arriving I pulled two croaker out and threw them back. I’m not looking for food here, but a relaxing and fun day of resting before I have to go cut grass tomorrow. Some while later my sister pulled a sting ray and we threw it back as well. Again, she hooked another stingray and while she was fighting it I noticed my poled start to act up so I checked it. Yet another sting ray on the end of a line. Amongst all the commotion the bait clicker on my other rig started to sing.

    This wasn’t the type of click click that I was accustomed to thanks mostly in part of the healthy blue crab population around the pier, but a steady and fast click. I sear I almost panicked, but I quickly calmed myself and handed my current pole to my sister. Now having two poles but only 2 hands my sister started to question my idea as I told her to hold on, that I was busy. I picked up my still singing rod and started reeling in. Well as I did the main drag engaged and it started singing where the secondary drag left off, but not as highly pitched.

    I tell you now, I’ve never seen line come off a reel that fast. I don’t know what was on the opposite on of the line, but it kept going away from me and never stopped to look back. I started to panic again and while doing so slowly tightened my drag all while meeting no drop in the speed of the line coming off the line. I was seriously worried about getting spooled. Power pro is expensive stuff. What ever was on the end of the line just kept on going. Then it happened, something gave in the water and the line went slack.

    Noticing this I began to spool line as fast as I could so I could help my sister who was out of the kindness of her own heart still holding both rods in her hands. It wasn’t soon that the sinker launched itself out of the water and was on the pier minus 90% of the leader. I quickly got my rod back from my sister who seemed rather happy to give it back. We pulled our stingrays from the water and threw them back. After recounting our experience we settled back down and our lines where back in the water. I cut off and disposed of what was left of my leader and went about the replacement of it. It was baited and thrown back out.

    After awhile, 3 more sting rays were to be pulled in a relative succession to each other and a small croaker near the middle of it all. After about an hour my bait clicker started to go off on my shimano baitrunner again. This time I was ready mentally. I set the hook and the line started to let off as before. Unlike last time though, the line let off in short bursts. After about 3 bursts the major struggling at the end of the line stopped, but you could still tell there was a fish on. Slowly I started reeling in and soon I spotted the other end of the line. As it got closer I thought it was a shark, but as it got closer and closer it was one the things I least expected; a sturgeon.

    I couldn’t believe it, but you easily see the trademark scales on it! Why was a sturgeon on the end of my line; I thought they were mostly northern fish. Of course this later turned out to be big misinformation as I did a bit of reading up on them when I got home and from the sign containing info on the waters around here and not more than 20 feet from us. Anyway, the amazing thing is somehow (and probably why I was able to get it so close and ready for landing) wrapped the main line around its tail fin. This also kinda explained the short burst of from the main drag.

    Sadly, we weren’t in the most perfect position to land the fish seeing as we where over 25 feet off the water and my main line isn’t something I’m going to pull up a 3ft fish with my bare hands. Luckily, there was couple near us that the fight had caught their attention. I took out my pocket pliers and started to wrap line around them. I showed my sister how to hold them and not to get in the way of the line. She grabbed on with both hand and I started walking near the couple. I looked at he man and signaled him if I could bother him for a minute. Me not being in the best shape as I could be, asked him he could run to my car and get the only thing that we could possibly use to bring the fish up.

    I asked to look for a crab net and some rope. I learned later that there was not rope in the trunk of the car, but he did bring back a long extinction cable from his. He tied in a knot and we lowered our makeshift drop net. After a few tense moments the fish was almost in the net when it gave one last thrash and was gone. Again my leader broke. We talked with each other about the fish and what happened and the couple left.

    After that the day was pretty much done. After I put on a new leader another stingray was caught and thrown back, but that was the extent of the action the rest of the day. All in all, the tally was; fish hooked: 3 croaker, 6 sting ray, 1 sturgeon, countless crabs, and one fish that was never seen, but believed to a rather large fish. I also learned some stuff on this day; I should not have doubted the size of fish here in at the mouth of the Great Pee Dee River. Something I read and my dad told me now makes more since; “Don’t hunt bear with a 22”. Still though, I enjoyed it and so did my sister and I’m itching for more; I just hope the catfish are biting next time I’m out.
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    That's a great story. I dream of days like that, full of the best problems to have. That should go into the library.

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    Wlcome to the BOC.. Great people here and as always alot of info and intresting stories..... Hope you injoy it as much as we others do....