an easy way to find fresh mussels.

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    where should i go look for them at? does the bottom have to be sandy, muddy or wat are out deeper or shallow or does it even matter?
  2. Big Sam

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    Adam would check with my local Dept of wildlife/fisheries to see that getting mussels is ok 1st some states it is illegal to harvest them/ some are endangered:eek:oooh: man it goes on forever!!!LOL Just dont want to see a feller in trouble:wink: Sandy works in theses parts just look at which direction the waves have been coming in the little shells will wash all the way to the bank the bigger ones will be in wading distance ususally....We usually let the waves crash the banks a couple a days in the same direction:big_smile:

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    On the Mississippi we always got them on the sandbar on the downstream end of an island, the best ones are where the water is shallow and real clear a long ways out. We'd feel them with our feet and just pick them up ... Of course the days of wading in the water in your bare feet are quickly coming to an end for this year

    I'd recommend wearing a life jacket because there usually will be a very steep dropoff on one or both sides ... "Better safe than a statistic" my Dad always says ....