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    Ok, I went out in the garage a little while ago and played with the new toys for a while. Lord, I need to get a heater in there (temp is 6 degrees right now), LOL.

    A couple of weeks ago, I bought one of those linecounters that mounts on your rod. I figured that the best way to know exactly how much line is on my reels is to actually measure it. :wink:

    Sorry it's only for relatively heavy mono, but the cheap line I had laying around was all heavier tests.

    Anyway, here's what I've found out by using the counter:

    With 50lb test Shakespeare Omni-flex mono line, I was able to get 104 yds on line in the reel. This is a thick line at .029 diameter. The average for 50lb mono seems to be around .028 (Trilene Big Game is this diameter) after looking at a couple of websites.

    Using 30lb Bass Pro Excel, I got just at 150yds on the reel, but it wasn't packed as tightly as I'd usually get it, so maybe it will hold a bit more. I can't find a diameter listed for this line, but it is also a thick line for it's strength (IMO). I used my caliper and several lengths of line and they measured out to .023 diameter. The average 30lb line seems to be around .022 diameter.

    Drag: with the 50lb line on the reel, and with the drag cranked as tight as I could get it, I measured 10 straight line pulls against the reel drag with a full spool. I got 10lbs on the scale every time but one, and that was between 9 and 10 lbs. This was using a Shimano 20lb scale.

    It was relatively smooth, with just a slight tendency to stutter a bit if you pulled slowly while the drag was cranked down tight. If you pulled hard and steady (like a run from a fish), the stuttering wasn't there.

    Spooling was no problem at all. After spooling over 250 yds of line, I didn't have a sore hand or wrist, no cramps, etc. The power handle works as well as any other I've used.