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  1. Kingcatter

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    Has anyone fished here before? I've never been there but am heading down that way (I believe it's fairly close to the Caldwell area in the SE part of the state) with a friend this weekend and am wondering how the fishing is here. I hear it's pretty good for bass fishing and such, but I'll be fishing for at least smaller channel cats since I figure there's some in some of the lakes there. However, if anyone knows of any spots around there where there are bigger cats, I'll be doing that instead with Bluegill and such that are caught. Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. ryang

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    Blacklick, Ohio
    The last time I was there was 1984 and wasnt really interested in catching fish as we were getting ready to graduate High School. I did pring my poles tho and caught a bunch of alge or sea weed but the lakes (ponds) are very deep and clear should be something good in there, alot of good hiking also

  3. Salmonid

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    Now I have bass fished over there for many years and gave up on the place about 10-15 years ago when it started getting really popular. But what I do know is that some lakes have cats and others do not so it would be best to move around some and try to fish the bigger lakes would be my guess and talk to the folks around there and ask if the lake your fishing has any cats in it. Good luck, I always enjoyed the crystal clear water and watching huge non eating bass just swim by without anything to worry about. You should enjoy yourself catching plenty of bait though:embarassed:

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    I fish those lakes all the time and do great bass and gill fishing but I've never been too successful catfishing there. When we did catch them they were small. I've only catfished a few lakes so maybe some of the others will be better.
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    I have never caught a cat over a pound in any of the ponds I have fished there. Some ponds youll catch alot but they are all like 10 inches or so.