Ambassadeur 6500 line capacity

Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by bigboy, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. bigboy

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    Andrews, SC
    I have acquired a 6500C3 high speed-ultra cast that holds 400 yards of 12lb test versus the 245/14 yards of my other 6500's. Even with the 12 vs 14#, that's quite a difference in capacity. I don't see any obvious difference in size of the spools. The Abu website has no info on any such reel and I can find no info anywhere on the the web.If anyone knows anything about such a reel then any info will be appreciated.Thanks.
  2. jtrew

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    I've never seen a 6500 that would hold that amount of line. Can you post a picture? Check the width of the spool. A model that's identical except for a slightly wider spool would hold quite a bit more line.