always wear a life jacket

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by flathunter, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. flathunter

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    another poster just posted on this but I got a little story to tell.

    Back when I was a senior in high school,..A state champion swimmer from my town drowned while fishing.

    he was in a jon boat on a calm lake.

    They found his body the next day in ten feet of water, he had fallen over board, and was tangled in fishing line, which prevented him from swiming .

    always paly it safe.
  2. Catfish_Commando

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    Good advice Jack, its the cheapest life insurance you can get.

  3. jagdoctor1

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    Scary for people like me I have total confidence in my swimming capabilities... but there is always a way.
  4. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Great advice, yet I must admit that I am a very big violator of this rule. Be safe
  5. olefin

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    Good one Jack.

    My wife talked me into purchased a good automatic inflatable PDF. I can swim but say I had a heart attack and fell in the water at least they wouldn't have to drag the lake.

    I put that sucker as soon as I get in the boat and sometimes forget to take it off until I'm at the house.
  6. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    Before I got my Sospenders, I was usually guilty of not wearing my life jacket in calm water. I'd always wear it fishing below the dam/powerhouse though, because back in 1983 I saw a couple of guys anchored below the powerhouse get their prop tangled in their anchor line; took about 5 seconds for the boat to fill with water and overturn. The only thing that saved these guys was the fact that they were wearing their life jackets.
  7. Mickey

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    Thanks Rollo for some great advice. The men with bad backs might consider wearing the life jackets when in them bath tub. How about that Jack and John? :smile2:
  8. dominoman

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    Dale, Texa
    I got two of the new manual inflatables to keep in the boat, they are comfortable enough to wear all the time. It has not been hard to put it on when launching and keep it on all day. It's gotten to where I don't even think about it, just hook it on. I did test it in the pool, just wanted to see how it worked, you pull the handle and you can't think between the time it's pulled and when it inflates. It will hold you face up without question. Sold me on the performance.
  9. psychomekanik

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    I'm not discouraging the use of a live jacket. By all means, everyone should use one. But, in the case of your friend. I dont think the jacket would have helped him. For one if he was tangled in 10 foot of calm water, he probably dove in and was swimming before he got tangled. meaning even if he had one he probably would'nt have been wearing it. and if he had fell in he would have went down to 10 feet before he got tangled. sounds like he was a little too over confident because he was a strong swimmer. he should'nt have been buddy and i went to fish a dock a couple years ago at kennekuk county park here in vermilion county. there were 4 or 5 younger kids lurking around the docks at the old beach.(closed to swimming now, but a good place to fish) we walked up and told them we wanted to fish the dock. they were'nt fishing anyway. I thought the way they were looking around that they wanted to smoke some dope or something. I just knew they were up to something. well, they left and went around the corner. about 30-45 minutes later rescue, ambulances, and park rangers were swarming the area. the kids were just looking for a place to swim! since the beach was closed, there were no swimming signs all over the lake. that's why they were being so suspicious. well 1 boy about 15 had jumped in and could'nt get back to shore. his brother jumped in to help him. neither were strong swimmers. both of the youngsters died. and were found the next day. that moment in my life stays with me. we kind of chased them off the dock to fish. the dock area used to be a beach so it was a gradual decline in depth. they probably would have been safe if they would have swam there. but where they decided to jump in, it was 20 foot right off the bank. I can't help to think if we had'nt showed up that those kids would still be alive. it's a strange feeling to talk to someone then they walk away and perish.....