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    does anybody out there have any experience with an alvey reel. i saw them on bass pro's site. they are surf casting reels made in australia. they just look like a spool and to cast them you actually turn the spool side ways and it casts like a spinning reel . to retrieve, you just turn the spool back to its original position. supposed to have a really fast retrieve. anybody used one?
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    Tracy Calif
    I had a friend that had one! They cast really well. I would like to try one out. They make a special rod for those. The first eye is a hook as I remember, that you put the line on for reeling and take line off for casting. They are popular in the U.K. with carp fisherman! I imagin playing a large fish with a one to one gear ratio would be like a fly outfit! I cant remember how the drag works, as it was awhile ago!

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    50 C1 Avey reel.If I remember right,this one holds about 400yds.of 20lb.test mono.It has a star Drag,and the loudest Clicker that I have ever heard on a reel.Mine are built sturdy,and I have not had any trouble at all with them.I have used them ocasionaly in fresh and salt water,for a special purpose.REACH!! I bought 2,about 20 years ago"I THINK",from Cabela,s,along with 1 Cabela,s European predator Rod 11ft.-1 3/4 lb.Test Curve,that I mounted 1 on.It has a cork handle 23in.long,with a sliding reel seat that allows 18in.of reel placement.The first eye on the rod is 3/ dia.and located 19 1/2in.from the handle.This allows the reel to be placed 22-40in.from the first eye.I have the other mounted on a 14ft. "SHOOTING*STAR SS-10S SERIES FLIP POLE"from Catfish Connection.I allso have 16 & 20 ft.that I some time mount it on.These poles teliscope,are rated for 20lb.line,and allow a reel to be mounted aprox.18-23in.from the first eye.They work great with the Alvey,and open face spinning reels.They work great when you need to reach over things to fish,and HAUL a fish back over.I would buy them again.I wish that every reel that I had ever bought,had held up like these.peewee-williams