Alum Creek

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    I always fish hoover and have my spots and my methods down tight there and usually have really nice outings.....


    I know a few guys off the forum and we were out there this past weekend. I netted shad, we had bluegill, shrimp, etc....bait store floating down the lake basically.

    Where are the good locations at that lake? Do you guys hit the shallows or the deep parts?

    At hoover I fish deep and produce...but at alum i just haven't had luck. I guess the rest of summer and fall I have a new hobby lol....i am sick of using my trolling motor only so alum is a must for a cpt. culver's boat is a 60hp so no hoover there either.

    Any tips much appreciated. In high school i did well off the bank with shrimp...just seems different off the boat. going to hit the map on the dnr site and scout a few places too!

  2. Deuce

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    me and a buddy went to alum this weekend first time I've been there. we caught 15 or so channels none of them very big and alot of crappie. I couldn't tell you where at on the lake we fished we just picked a spot on the map to try. Its about an hour drive from me but I will be back

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    yeah i fish alum creek so much im tired of it and hoover-well i get tired of looking at the water from the bank "laughs" i know where to get to on alum but i dont have a boat anymore to use since my brother sold his, but for catfishing on alum head to the howard road boat ramp and head right- under the bridge and keep going anywhere through there all the way to the shallows is good catfishing really. just watch for the stumps if you keep to the left as you go around the bend. if seen a few guys run right up on them.