Alum Creek..The Heat is on !!!

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    Just got back from Alum and it was down right hot.....BUTTTTT i did catch my biggest channel cat of the year today.... woohoooooo

    My father and i were saugeye fishing just north of the beach on the west side ... The first major point before you get to the marina. i decided to break out my cat pole and some shrimp and drift across the points with a cat rig along with my saugeye rig. (saugeyes werent biting anyway) ......

    Well after about 45 min. i landed 3 channels 14" 25" and my biggest this year 28" they were caught at variouse depths from 10fot to 18fot......

    hope this helps some of ya out that plan to fish alum this weekend........

    Oh YA there were alot of weeds in that area too i dont know if the cats were using them for cover or not but it sure seemed like they were using it for something......... and the depth i assume they were deep since the sun was beaming on the water like a nuke bomb in your mirror....
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    Sounds like the fish are biting brother, congrats on the catches.

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    A good trip with family stuff like that can't be beat.