Alum Creek fishing 10/20

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    On my way to Alum I stopped at Delaware Res to a secret spot where I caught about 25 big shad. On the water at Alum by about 7:pM. Found a good bank spot to bank my boat and set up camp near maybe 15' water. Caught 8 cats all together. Biggest cats of the night 12.8 pound. Almost lost cat and rod, this big boy was caught on my 12' rod the cat bent my stand up rod holder over coming very close to parallel to the water. Water levels are very low - lower than normal and much earlier this year. Not sure if the oil spill had a hand in this. Boat ramp at Howard Rd. is closed - water too low for launching a boat. I guess it's time for me to move father south on the lake. This move will make the boat ride longer to reach my favorite fishing spots.

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    Thanks for the report and the nice pics you posted!!!