Alum Creek 5/24

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    Hey everyone.... Hows it going?

    We hit Alum Creek last night from 10:00pm until about 3:00am this morning. Between two of us we managed to bring home 14 kitty's. All were caught in about 12 to 15 feet of water. I usually don't fish that deep for them this time of year but for some reason they wasnt laying on the flats or shallows. I usually try to fish 8 feet or less this time of year anticipating the spawn but it does not appear they are spawning yet or atleast not spawning were we were fishing anyways , maybe another week or two.

    But any way we headed north from Howard Rd to the mouth of the river near Kilbourn (think thats how you spell it). We fished the weedy edges for about an hour with on a couple nibblers most likely carp or yellows cause they couldnt get the big shad heads in there mouth lol. We decided to move back to the south hitting the shallows on the way with no luck. So then decided to fish the deeper waters in the channel , and thats when it started picking up. We fished two spots for about two and half hours and got 14 pretty nice channels. nothing under 16" largest being a really nice 27" channel. I had one on that was huge , but when he got close to the boat were we could net him he took a nose dive and my not broke on my hook. It was a relly nice fish from what i saw of him but i guess ill get him next time lol. We were using mostly fresh shad heads on circle hooks with a carolina rig with some modifications. I didnt let the bait stay in one spot long , I realed it in about 6 to 10 inches every couple minutes. Not sure if this helped or not but i did catch 10 out of the 14 we caught along with the 27 incher lol.

    Well thats about all the info a can think of at the moment so have fun fishing everyone , hope to see ya on the water sometime.......
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    S.E Ohio
    Looks like you had a real good night there congrats! A lot different then last year when they were spawn now for sure.

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    thanks for the info, and good job on the fish bud
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    congrats on the nice fish
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    yeah real good deal on the whisker fish so you were sort of trolling a bit did you have any runs or hookups while slow trolling or only when the bait settled