Alum Creek 5-12-07

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    Fished Alum Creek Saturday from 4:00 till about Midnight.

    We started off fishing the flats just North of the 36/37 overpass in the boat swim area. The water depth was between 8 and 12 ft , we fished this area for about an hour but the wind was so bad we had to find a place to keep the boat steady with 2 nice anchores it was tough to keep lines from crossing so we had to move.

    We went to my favorite cove but there were already about 4 boats in there and we didnt want to make it a fourth and make everything too crowded so we moved just north of Howard rd overpass. We fished the first cove north of the bridge the rest of the night. We started off fishing in about 8ft of water and nothing for about 2 hrs so we started casting close to shore and thats when we started getting our fish.

    The water depth was between 2ft and 4ft no fish came from water deeper than 4ft and all fish were caught on shrimp. We tried everything but Shrimp was the bait for the night.

    We ended up with 10 kitties , 29 1/2 " , 25 1/2" were our biggest and the smallest was about 18" We let the 2 biggest ones go and kept the others for dinner the next day ( They tasted pretty good too ) Sorry for getting this report in late I usually try to make my reports when i get home , but i was kinda busy this weekend.....

    I think were gonna try to head out one day this weekend if anyone would like to join us we could get 1 more person on the boat and would be glad to have someone from here to join us ... (Just my old man and myself)

    Anyway talk to ya all laterzzzzz
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    GC, OHIO
    Congrats man, hopefully we can hook up and fish this summer.

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    Sounds like a good time. I don't know when I'll be able to get to Alum Creek, hopefully in the next couple weeks.