Alton Lock and Dam 26

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    Nashville Il.
    I have never been to Alton fishing or even to the lock and dam . What I am wondering is where to go to bank fish . Also how to get there . Do you have to walk far ? Any info. will be great .
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    you dont have to walk far at all. If you go across the bridge into MO stay in the left lane, after you cross the bridge there will be a road that turns left. You will pass a gas station on your right. Keep following that road down until it curves and you are there. Big parking lot dam in front of you.

    I see your going to be coming from Nashville? You can take 270 to RT3 towards Alton. You will come to a 4 way stop which I beleive is 143. Turn left follow all the way down to the bridge. There is also a spot on the alton side but it closes at 5pm