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Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by slikk03, May 1, 2009.

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    hows the the chain of rocks canal like at lous and clark below alton dam how far out do i need to be to get a blue i got a long berkly sticl with led lights low water went out one and had no luck, are they harder than a flathead to beach, i hear they give up qwiker but hit alot harder, i never caught a big blue but im going to, im using 30 pound test, is that to weak, i use 6o braid, but it wont cast out were the blues are, they dont like shallow water i hear my bait casters wont go as far so i got a long rod and spooled a huge spinning reel, any advice, big shad, cuts or lsmal, how much weight,
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    I have fished Chain of Rocks a few times with very little success. I have heard the canal is pretty good fishing. I usually fish around the lock and dam in Alton. I use 12' rods and baitcasters with #65 power pro and have caught quite a few 20-50lb blues from the bank. I use shad, skipjack,asian carp or whatever I get in the castnet or my sabiki rig. I really don't know if they prefer deeper water or not. I think if there is bait fish around they will be there. I will guarantee blues in the 20-50lb range will hit you line like a freight train. I have come very close to losing my rods and they are in pvc rod holders taped to 5/8" rebar. I usually use 5 or 6oz flat bank sinkers. Good luck.