Alternative Paternoster Rig

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    I started using a new variation of the running paternoster. It lets me switch from a simple slip rig to a three way with very little effort.

    Golly Whopper Rig

    This rig is a variation of the old standard - running paternoster rig.
    The picture below is pretty much self explanatory.
    I like to use wire leaders, this eliminates tying all but one knot in your main line.
    The stop knot can be adjusted for any length of leader, enabling you to easily adjust to different conditions.
    You can adjust the length of the sinker drop line from nothing(which is a standard slip rig) to 1,2or3 feet for a three way.
    You can change hook size with out retying.
    You can change your sinker weight with ease.
    With the barrel swivel you get less line abrasion.
    And you can use any style of sinker you want.


    It works very well with live bait. In swift current keep every thing short. If you are using cut bait in fast current keep it chunky so it doesn't spin as much. Personally I don't fish fast current any more,I try to cast to the current break. Most fish like to lie in wait to see what the current brings by.:cross: