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    This year is a year of many first for me. I have been fishing almost every species fish in missouri sence I was knee high on my dad. We had a small catfish farm at our home in colombia missouri. Dad made huge floating baskets rigged with pvc pipe. I loved them fish so much I would kiss everyone he brought back in the bucket to the farmhouse. The BOC got me HOOKED again. Now I constantly fish everyday I have off work. I now fish R+R most of the time. When the freezer gets low I load up the jugs and trotline and aim to kill. My local river holds some large fish and I want to hold back from bosting but its just natural for any fisherman to tell the tail. This year I have caught my first 23inch Flat, several nice gal bags of channel cats , one monster 17lb snapper , a personal best 19inch small mouth and lots and lots of goggleye. This year the trotline really helped me save some money at the grocery store. Im a eator..... I love fish.. When I'm to busy with work , the wife or any one thing that takes me away from the water my only chance to eat cheep and keep my sanity was to go back to my dads old standby... Bait the line/jugs with craws and minnows(free bait)late in the evening after work and then early the next morning before work paddle up river and check them bad boys. Keeps bait and fish fresh and less chance someone will steal them.Thanks BOC...

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